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Pros & Cons of Filing Bankruptcy

Are you struggling financially and wondering if bankruptcy is right for you? Get educated and review the pros and cons of bankruptcy. Bankruptcy can be a great tool for some and a terrible idea for others. This article discusses how bankruptcy can help…

Will I Lose All My Assets When I File Bankruptcy?

Are you dealing with more debt that you can handle and thinking about bankruptcy but are worried about losing all of your assets? Learn how assets are protected in a Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 Bankruptcy in Wisconsin.
te you live in. EXEMPTIONS In the State of Wisconsin we are allowed to choose between Wisconsin State Exemptions and Federal Exemptions. T

Do I Make Too Much to File for Chapter 7 Bankruptcy?

A common questions is how much income can I make and still file for Chapter 7 Bankruptcy. Find out the answer here!
2017 the Wisconsin Census Median Income Below is the amoun…still qualify for a Chapter 7 Bankruptcy in Wisconsin Family of 1

Can My Wages Be Garnished?

Find out if a creditor can garnish your wages and what you can do to stop a wage garnishment in Wisconsin.
art garnishing your wages. In the State of Wisconsin such as a Wisconsin Section 128 or a Chapter 7 Bankruptcy. Chec…How to Stop Wage Garnishment In Wisconsin

Debt Collectors - Can They Do That?

Are debt collectors harassing you? Find out what the laws are that protect you from unlawful debt collection practices.
s can do when collecting their own debts. In Wisconsin it is called the Wisconsin Consumer Act and…please contact our office. We can discuss a Wisconsin Section 128

Debt Relief Options In Wisconsin

Explore the different debt relief options available in Wisconsin and find out which one is right for you. We offer free consultations.
ys to take care of your debt in the State of Wisconsin. CONSOLIDATION LOAN A consoli… Wisconsin Section 128 vs Debt Management Plans SEC

TCPA Protection Against Robo Collection Calls!

Learn how the TCPA laws can protect you from receiving pre-recorded collection calls.
a Wisconsin Section 128 could help. If you are dealing

How to Satisfy a Money Judgment

Learn how to satisfy an unpaid debt turned into a money judgment and how to make sure the court record reflects it.
oney judgment. PAY BY SECTION 128 A Wisconsin Section 128 is a 100…d with no interest. Find out more about a Wisconsin Section 128… Wisconsin Section 128

Debt Relief with Wisconsin Section 128

Learn about what a Section 128 is and how it can help you get out of debt.
7 and Chapter 13 Bankruptcy Many people in Wisconsin are struggling with debt… that is why many people are not aware of a Wisconsin Section 128. Let