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What to Expect at the Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Meeting of Creditors

Learn what you need to know about a Chapter 7 Bankruptcy hearing. Filing for bankruptcy helps eliminate the stress of overwhelming debt, but sometimes the thought of the bankruptcy hearing itself can be stressful.
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Chapter 7 Bankruptcy: Reaffirming Secured Debts

You are in debt, more than you are able to repay and you are looking at filing Chapter 7 Bankruptcy, but you don’t want to lose your house or car in the bankruptcy. Find out if a reaffirmation agreement is a good option for you to keep your home or car in…
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Top Five Reasons to File Bankruptcy

Thinking of filing for bankruptcy? Find out the top five reasons to file bankruptcy. No one wants to file bankruptcy, but sometimes it is the best option to get the fresh start you need.

How to Rebuild Your Credit After Bankruptcy

Learn what steps to take after filing bankruptcy to help rebuild your credit.
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Can Bankruptcy Help with Tax Debt?

Are you struggling to repay your tax debt? Find out if your tax debt can be discharged or reduced in bankruptcy.

Social Security and Bankruptcy

Do you receive or have you applied for social security and are thinking of filing bankruptcy? Learn how social security benefits are treated in a bankruptcy.
ake sure to discuss this with an experienced bankruptcy attorney. FREE CONSULTATIONS Social Securit… discuss your situation with an experienced bankruptcy attorney. Pedersen Law Office

Common Mistakes Made Before Filing Bankruptcy

Avoid these common mistakes before filing for bankruptcy.
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How a Chapter 13 Bankruptcy Stops Foreclosure

Are you facing a foreclosure? Find out how a Chapter 13 Bankruptcy can save your home from foreclosure.
We recommend you meet with an experienced bankruptcy attorney. Pedersen Law Office

Converting a Chapter 13 Bankruptcy to a Chapter 7 Bankruptcy

Did you know that a Chapter 13 Bankruptcy can be converted to a Chapter 7 Bankruptcy? Just because you can do something doesn’t make it right. Find out more about converting your Chapter 13 to a Chapter 7.
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Is Bankruptcy the Solution?

Tired of trying different debt relief options? Find out if bankruptcy could be the solution.
Find out by meeting with an experienced bankruptcy attorney. FREE CONSULTS At Pedersen Law Office