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Wisconsin's Chapter 128: Bankruptcy Alternative

Learn about an alternative to bankruptcy offered only to residence of Wisconsin. If you are feeling overwhelmed by the amount of debt that you owe, but feel like it is not enough to declare bankruptcy, a Section 128.21 may be right for you. Find out what…
legally called a Section 128.21. This means creditors included in the Chapt… Wisconsin Income Taxes Conclusion Section 128.21 is not known by many and is only offered in

How to Stop Wage Garnishment In Wisconsin

Find out how to stop a wage garnishment! Have you been sued and are now facing a wage garnishment? Discover if your wages are exempt from being garnished and, if not, how a wage garnishment will affect you.

Need Debt Relief? We can help!

Whether you are burdened with credit card or medical debt, currently having your wages garnished, or are facing a foreclosure, don’t lose hope. There are options available to help you get a fresh start.

Wisconsin Section 128 vs Debt Management Plans

Learn how a Wisconsin Section 128 can help you get out of debt and the benefits it has over a debt management plan.
there is another option called a Wisconsin Section 128.21. WISCONSIN SECTION 128 A section

Debt Relief with Wisconsin Section 128

Learn about what a Section 128 is and how it can help you get out of debt.
legally called a Section 128.21. It allows you to choose what creditors you