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Pros & Cons of Filing Bankruptcy

Are you struggling financially and wondering if bankruptcy is right for you? Get educated and review the pros and cons of bankruptcy. Bankruptcy can be a great tool for some and a terrible idea for others. This article discusses how bankruptcy can help…

Myths About Bankruptcy Debunked!!!

Bankruptcy gets a bad rap! Bankruptcy is made to protect people and give them a fresh start. Find out the truth about many misconceptions about bankruptcy so you can educate yourself.
state of Wisconsin a person qualifies for a Chapter 7 Bankruptcy while still making a good living. The incom…e requirement to automatically qualify for Chapter 7 Bankruptcy depends on household size and income. The i

Stop Utility Shut Off With Bankruptcy!

Are you currently facing utility shut off for your outstanding utility bills? Learn how you can keep your power on and get out of debt!

Chapter 7 Bankruptcy - Video

Learn more about Chapter 7 Bankruptcy. Find out what debts can be discharge in a Chapter 7 Bankruptcy and what the process for a Chapter 7 Bankruptcy looks like.
with the Pedersen Law firm. Chapter 7 Bankruptcy. Chapter 7 Bankruptcy is the most common typ…e of bankruptcy. In Chapter 7 Bankruptcy the court wipes out your unsecured debts

Dangers of Filing Bankruptcy Without a Lawyer

Are you struggling financially and thinking of filing bankruptcy? Learn the importance of having an experienced bankruptcy attorney on your side and find out what could happen if you don’t use an attorney.
e are a lot of options. Do you qualify for a Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Complicated Forms Filing for Chapter 7 Bankruptcy or Chapter 13 Bankruptcy includes completing

How to Stop Wage Garnishment In Wisconsin

Find out how to stop a wage garnishment! Have you been sued and are now facing a wage garnishment? Discover if your wages are exempt from being garnished and, if not, how a wage garnishment will affect you.
have a steady income source. Bankruptcy A Chapter 7 bankruptcy can also stop any garnishment against you bu…out all the unsecured debt you are facing. A Chapter 7 bankruptcy is a great option to stop garnishment if you

What to Expect at the Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Meeting of Creditors

Learn what you need to know about a Chapter 7 Bankruptcy hearing. Filing for bankruptcy helps eliminate the stress of overwhelming debt, but sometimes the thought of the bankruptcy hearing itself can be stressful.

Chapter 7 Bankruptcy: Reaffirming Secured Debts

You are in debt, more than you are able to repay and you are looking at filing Chapter 7 Bankruptcy, but you don’t want to lose your house or car in the bankruptcy. Find out if a reaffirmation agreement is a good option for you to keep your home or car in…
Chapter 13 Bankruptcy If you are filing a Chapter 7 Bankruptcyay and you are in need of a fresh start. A Chapter 7 bankruptcy will wipe out your responsibility to pay al

Top Five Reasons to File Bankruptcy

Thinking of filing for bankruptcy? Find out the top five reasons to file bankruptcy. No one wants to file bankruptcy, but sometimes it is the best option to get the fresh start you need.

Will I Lose All My Assets When I File Bankruptcy?

Are you dealing with more debt that you can handle and thinking about bankruptcy but are worried about losing all of your assets? Learn how assets are protected in a Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 Bankruptcy in Wisconsin.
nkruptcy depends on whether you are filing a Chapter 7 Bankruptcy or a Chapter 13 Bankruptcy. CHAPTER 7 BANKR…UPTCY In a Chapter 7 Bankruptcyrienced bankruptcy attorney prior to filing Chapter 7 Bankruptcy to ensure that all of your assets can be pr